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Friday, September 1st, 2017

Congratulations to our newsletter winners!

Jane Goldman won a copy of A Tale of Two Kitties.

Lee Boone and J Fulk each won a copy of Telling Tails from my alter ego, Sofie Ryan.

Mr. K is already making plans for his holiday giveaway. Thanks for reading, everyone.

Holiday Newsletter Winners

Thursday, December 8th, 2016


Congratulations to the four winners in our Holiday Newsletter giveaway.

They are:

Joy Isley

Linda Kuzminczuk

Jana Leah B

Tim Daniel

Winners have been emailed. Look for more chances to win in 2017.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading.


We have Winners!

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

The four winners in our latest newsletter giveaway are:

  1. WhimsySwap
  2. Hilary Aquino
  3. Teresa Kander
  4. Kgarten20

Please send us your mailing address if you already haven’t and we’ll get your prizes in the mail to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway. Watch for a special holiday giveaway coming in December!

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Congratulations to the 4 winners of our Longest Night Giveaway: Katherine (kehcapemay), Bonnie (bannmoore), Chera, (duibhecridhe) and Adriane(aculross). If you missed the fun all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway and thank you all for your comments. I’ve passed them on to my editor. And, as always, thank you for reading. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


My college girl picking the winners.


Holiday Giveaways!

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Look for three ways to win holiday goodies in the next issue of Sofie Kelly News coming in early December. Sign up now!


                         Happy Holiday Treats!


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

We were supposed to pick 2 winners to each receive a copy of my new book, The Whole Cat and Caboodle, written as Sofie Ryan, but Mr. K wanted to double that and since it will be his birthday on Saturday that’s what we did. We put all the names in a basket–there were too many to use my lucky Law & Order hat–and he picked four. So here are the winners:

Debbie Bibb

Sharon Decker

Mike Vecellio

Barbara Henning

Please send us your mailing address and we’ll get your book in the mail to you. Thank you all for sharing which books you’re looking forward to this spring. I’ve added a lot of titles to my reading list.

And if you read The Whole Cat and Caboodle please email and let me know what you think. Yes, even if you don’t like it. (But I think you will.)

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

We have winners in our latest Sofie Kelly News giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions for how Mr. K can celebrate my birthday. I’m wishing the celebration could last for a couple of months so I could try all your suggestions.

Our five winners are: Jeanne, who suggested a picnic at home, Chris, whose suggestion included some good dark chocolate and a stack of mysteries, Gail who thought a romantic dinner by the fire with some good music would be a great way to celebrate, Tina whose idea for Mr. K included a great meal with a special dessert, and Susan, who proposed breakfast in bed, a foot rub and a cleaned kitchen.

We put all five winners names in my lucky hat and Mr. K picked Susan as our grand prize winner. Jeanne, Chris, Gail, and Tina will be getting a copy of Cat Trick and a sweet treat. Susan will receive the same along with a pair of penguin earrings and black fabric tote.

Thank you to all my readers for helping me celebrate being 29….again….and again…and again.


Everyone is ready to celebrate.

(Photo of “Eddie” courtesy of Laura Alden)

Cosy Reading List

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Thank you to everyone who sent in their reading suggestions for our newsletter giveaway. My mother and her friends now have lots of ideas for new authors to try. Here’s the list:

Cosy Reading List

1. Margaret Maron—family and folklore of the south.

2. Donna Andrews—“outrageous and fun,” Meg Langslow series.

3. JoAnna Carl—chocolate information is included.

4. Sue Henry—a musher in Alaska

5. Julie Hyzy—the adventures of Olivia Paras, a chef in the White House

6. Virgina Lanier—a series about training blood hounds for tracking.

7. Laurien Berenson—a series involving standard poodles and a heroine with an affinity for finding dead bodies.

8. Aimee and David Thurlo—Ella Clah mysteries

9. Laura Alden—an amateur sleuth and PTA mom.

10. Carolyn Hart—Death on Demand series.

11. Laura Child—tea shop mystery series and the scrapbook mysteries.

12. Sheila Connolly—Orchard series and the Museum mysteries.

13. Krista Davis—the Diva mysteries with Mochie the cat.

14. Kate Collins—heroine Abby Knight owns Bloomers flower shop.

15. Kaitlyn Dunnett—Liss MacCrimmon, Scottish dancer.

16. Sharon Pape—Rory McClain solves mysteries with the help of deceased federal marshal, Zeke Drummond.

17. Miranda James—cat in the stacks mysteries.

18. Rebecca Hale—another cat mystery series.

19. Jill Churchill—Jane Jeffry mysteries.

20 Kat Carlisle—Brooklyn Wainwright restores rare books and solves mysteries.

21 Mary Daheim—Bed and Breakfast mysteries and the Alpine series.

22. Diane Mott Davidson—“yummy recipes.”

23. Joanne Fluke—set in Minnesota, “great recipes.”

24. Leann Sweeney—Cat in Trouble series.

25. Susan Conant—dog trainer, Holly Winter.

26. Claire McNab—PI Kylie Kendall, raised in the Australian Outback.

27. Kate White—amateur sleuth Bailey Weggins.

28. Nancy Atherton—the Aunt Dimity series.

29. PJ Alderman—relatively new series that features ghosts from the 1800s, “funny ghosts for the most part.”

30. EJ Copperman—haunted guesthouse mysteries.

31. Casey Daniels—Pepper Martin sees dead people.

32. Laura Levine–amateur sleuth Jaine Austen and her cat Prozac.

33. Joan Hess—the Maggody series.

34. Rita Lakin—Gladdy Gold mysteries.

35. Jenn McKinley—the delicious cupcake bakery series.

36. Jessica Beck—donut shop mysteries.

37. Ellery Adams—Books by the Bay.

38. Maddy Hunter—Passport to Peril.

39 Rita Mae Brown—Mrs. Murphy mysteries and “Sister” Jane fox hunting series—“the fox is never harmed.”

40. Madelyn Alt—the bewitching mysteries.

41. Shirley Rousseau Murphy—Joel Gray cat mysteries.

42. Elizabeth Peters—Egyptologist and amateur sleuth, Ameila Peabody.

43. Jacqueline Winpear—Maisie Dobbs, “not exactly cosy but very good.”

44. Erle Stanley Gardner—the classic Perry Mason books.

45. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

46. Lillian Jackson Braun—the Cat Who series.

47. Denise Swanson—Scumble River mysteries.

48. Maggie Barbieri—English professor Alison Bergeron.

49. Penny Warner–Connor Westphal, hearing impaired journalist in the small town known as Flat Skunk.

50. Wendy Lynn Watson—Mysteries a la Mode.

51. Cathy Pickens—Southern Fried mysteries.

52. Ellen Crosby—the Wine Country series.

53. Lila Dare—Southern Beauty Shop mysteries, “full of southern charm.”

54. Paige Shelton—Gram’s Country Cooking School and the Farmers’ Market series.

55.Claudia Bishop—the Quillam sisters run the Hemlock Falls Inn.

56. Anthea Fraser–featuring Inspector Webb.

57. Ann Granger–Mitchell & Markby series, the Fran Varady series, and the Lizzie Martin mysteries.

58. Ngaio Marsh—Roderick Alleyn and other mysteries.

59. Ellis Peters—Inspector George Felse series.

60. Lorna Barrett/Lorraine Bartlett—“prolific and talented author,” Lorna writes the Booktown series, Lorraine writes Artisan’s Alley.

61..Juliet Blackwell—Haunted Home Renovation series.

62. Candace Calvert—medical mysteries.

63. Ali Brandon—new author, the Black Cat Bookshop mysteries.

64. Cleo Coyle—coffeehouse mysteries.



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